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Institute of Pathological Physiology
U Nemocnice 5 , Praha 2, 128 53 mapa

DIČ: CZ00216208

IČ: 00216208

tel: +420 224 965 901

fax: +420 224 965 916

e-mail:                                                                                 Head: Prof. Martin Vokurka, MD, PhD 



Welcome at the Institute of Pathological Physiology!

The Institute of Pathological Physiology is one of the teaching and research departments of the First Faculty of Medicine.

Our web pages include information for students and information about our research activities. We invite you to explore our Web site and encourage you to contact us with questions or comments.


  • Pathophysiology for 3rd year General medicine students
  • Pathophysiology for  3rd year Dentistry students
  • Pathology and pathophysiology and Pathophysiology of nutrition for Bc. and MSc. programms of 1st Faculty of Mediciene, Charles University in Prague (only in Czech)
  • Postgraduate doctoral programe (PhD)

Information about teaching in academic year 2021/2022 at the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University can be found here

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Basic and translational biomedical research to explore the etiology and pathogenesis of diseases is performed by several research groups of our department. We use cell biology, functional genomics and proteomics techniques to identify the mechanisms of cell, tissue, and organ defects. Research fields include experimental hematology and oncology (stem cells, transcription control, experimental therapy and diagnosis of malignancies, iron metabolism) , proteomics, mathematical modeling of nervous system.

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